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Hi! I’m Sid. I am one part of a dynamic duo, often seen scaling walls and crushing ice. Using only a sling shot and a large bucket of water, I once single-handedly defended a small village in the former Yugoslavia from a horde of ferocious caterpillars. I cook thirty minute brownies in twenty-five minutes, and I spend most every weekend trying to perfect the perfect brisket, ribs or other grilled masterpieces. This is the site where I share all of my recipes and things I’m learning. My hope is that you’ll benefit from my failures, near misses and successes along the way!

About Us

Hi! I’m Jen. The other part of the dynamic duo. While Sid likes to go on and on, throwing around superlatives like confetti at a tickertape parade, I am a little more down to earth. I’m a country girl at heart, having grown up in the great state of Wisconsin. Go Badgers! I love entertaining at gatherings both big and small, and I appreciate quality ingredients prepared honestly. Did I mention that Sid would be completely lost without me?    


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